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Monday, September 7, 2015

Nurses Need To Wear Undergarments

A hospital near me made the news by instituting a new, strict, dress code which applied to both health care workers and office personnel.  One rule which drew interest was: “All employees must wear underwear.”

Since I had just posted my “Just Say No To Going Commando”, I decided to join the debate to add some frivolity to the discussion.

I posted this comment on the discussion thread of the local newspaper:

Don Ake: Older people should never go commando anywhere - http://akespains.blogspot.com/2015/06/just-say-no-to-going-commando-ruu.html

This was responded to by a woman named Shelley (name changed)

Shelley: Speak for yourself. It’s the height of arrogance for anyone to believe they can tell everyone how to dress. By the way, I’m a boomer, and I dress exactly the way I want.

Apparently Shelley thinks my “commando” post is a serious commentary on dress codes. I’m assuming she dresses “the way she wants” is because she is not working (all companies have some dress codes) which is why she has time to engage in stupid arguments with people on the Internet.  But hey, she has attained the rank “Top Commenter” status on this particular message board so who I am to argue with her?  Who am I indeed?

However the seriousness and passion of her words reveal the existence of a rather large chain visible at the end of her comment. Unfortunately, if I see evidence of someone’s chain, it is almost impossible for me to resist the urge to yank it. (This even included former bosses, which incidentally didn’t help my career much). So I respond with:

Don Ake: Please don’t go commando Shelley, save yourself and all of us by making the wise choice.

Shelley: Like I said I do what I want. Whether I go commando or not is none of your business. Do us all a favor, and keep your generalities to yourself.

She still doesn’t realize I’m being silly. So ….. (yank, yank)

Don Ake: I can tell you are wearing panties because somehow they have gotten in a bunch. I am just performing a public service and trying to help you out.

Incredibly I must have been winning the argument, because “Nancy” (Another “Top Commentator!) joined the discussion in defense of Shelley.  And interesting enough, she is from Nova Scotia.  Why Nancy is so concerned about a hospital dress code in Ohio is baffling.  And I know she is wearing underwear, because you need to keep them beavers warm in the Great White North.

Nancy: Don Ake, No one asked or wants your help. Mansplaining isn’t it making it any better.

Now I take great exception to the mansplaining (talking down to women in a patronizing manner) accusation. For the record: I display the same arrogant, superior, know-it-all, attitude no matter who I am explaining something to. Man, woman, black, white, old, young, it is done exactly the same way!  Uh wait, that didn’t come out the right way…. Um, maybe it is the truth though.

Now if Nancy wants to join in, I am fully capable of engaging two women at the same time. No, I mean I can handle two women at once.  Uh, I guess what I really mean is that I can yank two chains simultaneously.

Don Ake: Oh Nancy, I think you have the same problem as Shelley. I suggest you debrief and then rebrief for the benefit of everyone you encounter today. And I do not mansplain. I am so brilliant that I must spread my wisdom everywhere!

Nancy: Don Ake, The only thing I see on this page that needs rebriefing is a big, shiny, bald, head.

Now I must really be dominating this argument if first I am accused of sexism and now she is attacking my appearance.  However Nancy appears to be young and cute and when a hot babe criticizes your appearance at my age, it does sting a bit. All the more, if in fact, she is not wearing any panties.  But she did notice my big head and you know what they say: big head, big ….. , whatever.

Don Ake: Nancy, For the sake of all humanity, unbind your panties woman, set them free! You and everyone else will be better for it.

And now it was time for Shelley to jump back on top of me, er I mean respond …
Shelley: Obviously Nancy, Don is a mysoginist (sic). He thinks his opinion is more than what it is, his opinion.  He has yet to learn his opinion only matters to him.  He also has an inflated sense of his own intelligence.

At this point I am laughing out loud.  It is difficult to have an inflated sense of intelligence, when I am being ridiculous.  However, I am intelligent enough to know when someone is being ludicrous and yanking my chain, unlike some people I know who have attained the esteemed rank as “Top Commenter”.
As far as being a misogynist, I want to say for the record:  I have never massaged a Miss and do not plan to do so in the future.  Of course if she is of legal age and needs a massage for medical reasons or to save her life, I may make an exception.

Her uniform needs to be "complete"
Furthermore, while the hospital’s dress code may be excessive, I do want the medical workers there to wear undergarments.  It is essential to provide a hygienic environment. Even more importantly, if I’m at the hospital for something cardiac related, I need to be sure the young, hot, blonde nurse attending to me is wearing panties.  If there is any indication, any at all, that she is going “au natural” under her uniform, this is going to end and it’s going to end very badly.


  1. And while they are unbunching their underwear they should stop and make you a sammich?????

  2. If any man asked these women to make him a sammich, their heads would explode! I hope I am not mansplaining to you .....