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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summertime Changes For Ake’s Pains

Dear readers,

I have two major announcements regarding Ake’s Pains blog:

1.    I am currently working diligently to complete my first book: Ake’s Pain’s – Just Make Me A Sammich (tentative title).  The plan is to have the book published and available by the end of the year.  Therefore I am asking you all to limit your vacation spending accordingly so that you will have adequate funds to purchase the book when available.

2.    In order to free up the time necessary to finish the book, I need to make some temporary format changes to the Ake’s Pains blog.  During the summer I am going to write shorter, quick- hitting, essays and post more frequently. 

I will not expand on subjects in great detail and I will not do much editing. It’s going to be write, review, post. Just like the younger, hipper, bloggers do.  This will allow me to publish roughly the same amount of words in much less time. This format will also enable me to explore subjects which are humorous but not worthy of a full post.

I am branding posts under this format as Ake’s Pains – Raw, Uncut, Unhinged (RUU).  So when you see (RUU) after the title, it will be in this format.  For people on my mailing list, I will continue to send the links every two weeks, but you may receive up to four links in one mailing.  If you are not on my mailing list and want to be, please email at: donake@outlook.com .

If you want to know when I post something new, since I will be posting more frequently, you can:

1.    “Follow by email” by filling in the box on the right side of the blog and submitting.
2.    Follow me on twitter @theakeman
3.    Request to join Don Ake’s Blogs group on Facebook
4.    Connect with me on Linked In

I hope you will find the Raw, Uncut, Unhinged posts highly enjoyable.  Time to enjoy the summer!

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