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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Sanibel Vacation Chronicles – Part 2

The Brain Rejuvenation Continues

This morning I took a four mile walk on the beach and thought about …. absolutely nothing.  On previous vacations these morning walks were used to do heavy thinking about what ever was worrying me at the time.   Today I was focused on the awesome sunrise and seagulls.  
The Sanibel Sunrise

I noticed seven seagulls standing on the beach in formation so for a moment I stood by them as the eighth gull.  Gulls make irritating noises and poop at random, so I think they accepted me as the “Gullman”.  This made me feel like one of those “nature guys” on animal planet.

Going Timeless

Get this, for most of the day I did not even where my watch!  That’s right, when I was at the beach if someone asked what time it was, I didn’t know. Whooooo, whoooo!  This gave me a great sense of freedom.  I am still wearing my underwear down here however because, of course, freedom has its limits.

Doing Nothing

I am really enjoying doing nothing.  When you think about it, when you were seven years old you got to do nothing every day during the summer.  This was before peer pressure, relationships, financial pressures, work, etc. In other words, these were the best times of your life, but you were seven, so you had no realization just how good the days were and how challenging life would someday become.

This is why vacation is so important.  So don’t e-mail me, don’t text me.  “Don’t feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone”.  This includes work.  Don’t bother me.  Just figure it out on your own.  Unless someone is about to die, I am too busy doing nothing. 

Testing Significance

Today on my morning walk, I did spit in the ocean just to see if it made a difference.  I am happy to report that it did not.  Although maybe the long term results may differ.

However relaxing at the beach does sometimes create some weird, crazy, thoughts like the one where I quit my job and begin writing as a career.   Wow, that is a crazy thought.  And all the people who have suggested that to me in the past are crazy people too!  Especially you, Stephanie.

The Most Interesting Thing I Saw Today

This evening I saw an attractive woman wearing a one-piece swim suit that was red on top, but  a light pink (flesh-like) color on the bottom.  This made it appear she was airing out her hoo-hah in the evening breeze.  I thought that maybe the beach might be semi-nude after 7 p.m.  If not, I thought a Hoo-Hah alert might need to be issued.  “Warning, a hoo-hah has been spotted on the beach.  Please proceed with caution.  I did want to get a photo of the woman, but I was worried her boyfriend might object and punch me in the head.

Shelling Update:

Shells Collected: 0

Bums Looked At: Er, eh, … I think I lost count.  But unlike Cleveland Indian batters, I have not been caught looking!

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