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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Going “Blog Dark” In Order To Finish Book Two

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is there will no new blog posts for a while in Ake’s Pains.  The good news is I am doing this so I can finish the manuscript for my second book “Will There Be Free Appetizers?”

You might remember I tried to write shorter, rougher, posts while completing
Sammich tastes so good!
the manuscript for “Just Make Me A Sammich. The plan was for me to be able to keep posting while spending less time writing, so I could focus more on the book.  That plan failed miserably, I ended up actually writing more under the new format. 

So this time, I will stop blogging temporarily.  I am quitting cold-turkey. I am going “blog-dark”. This will be a traumatic transition for me.  I have been writing this blog regularly since May 2011.  A large part of my identity is that of a blogger and bloggers gotta blog!  I’m sure I will suffer intense blog withdrawal. I will see something, or read something, or have some weird experience and think, “I’ve got to blog about this!”.  I will then curl up in the fetal position and watch old episodes of “South Park” until the feeling subsides.

I do not know how long it be before I post again.  I would estimate a break of three or four months.  However, I will make two exceptions during this “dark time”.  There are two events that could happen during this period which are so significant, I would need write posts.   One involves a possible wedding and the other a possible death. How about that for a wide range of subjects?

I want to thank everyone who bought Just Make Me A Sammich.  It’s difficult for me to express just how much you are appreciated.  I hope for and am asking for everyone’s support when “Will There Be Free Appetizers?” is released.  That release date, depends on how productive I am in the next few months, which is why I need to go “blog dark”, so I am signing off for now. 

Goodbye, until I’m back.

You’re still at the keyboard, aren’t you?

Yeah, cause I might come up with a great blog idea or a witty comment ….

Step away from the keyboard, now!

I will, just give me a moment, oh I just thought of something else …..

I’m pushing the power button and shutting you down.

No, no, no. Just got this great, funny idea. It’s so funny. There was this woman and sh