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Monday, September 19, 2016

I Have Tweeted My Wiener

The summer of 2016 is coming to an end, with several strange people making bad decisions. (All these news items are real)

News Item: Man Dressed as Zorro Incites Panic at LAX

Thousands of panicked travelers rushed out of Los Angeles International Airport in late August as a result of security officers confronting a man dressed as Zorro, seated just outside the terminal.

Of course the concern was needless because Zorro only combats criminals and ne’er do wells.  There was no chance their designer L.A.-duds were going to get marked with the sign of the “Z”.

There was criticism that it took six officers to detain Zorro (which accentuated the panic), but this is understandable considering how skilled the masked guy is with a bullwhip and sword. Security was able to de-mask him and determine he was just an impostor, not the real Zorro, waiting to pick up a friend – and his sword was made of plastic.

The guy was extremely irritated at being detained.  “I was just there to pick someone up and the next thing I know, LAPD is all over me”, he reportedly said.  Hey Zorro, Black Lives Matter, but not Black-Masked Lives.  You wore that costume in the airport to pick someone up? What??? Were you going to whisk them away on your horse?

This dude playing Halloween in summer, caused five terminals to be evacuated, 280 flights to be delayed, 27 flights to be diverted and some passengers to get trampled in the melee. And they released him without being charged, because unfortunately you cannot arrest someone for just being a freakin’ idiot.

Going to a busy airport dressed as Zorro, carrying a plastic sword? Bad idea! Bad, bad, idea! (couldn’t you have just left the sword, mask and hat in your bleeping car?)

News Item: A Woman Fugitive Posts a More Attractive Mugshot on Facebook

An 18-year old saucy, Aussie, woman escaped from a police station after being arrested for theft.  Police then issued two mugs shots and a media alert in an attempt to recapture her.

However, the fugitive took strong exception to these photos as being “very unflattering” when she saw them on television. She got on the station’s Facebook page and posted a more attractive selfie, asking “Can you use this photo please?”

That is one spunky women with a bad-a$$ attitude.  Commits a crime, busts out of jail and yet is feminine enough to care enough about the quality of her appearance in the mugshot! And did I mention – the new photo is hot!  I do have to admit, that I am a bit turned on by this – except for the fact that she is 18, she lives in Australia, and I’m married.

The problem of course is that when you are trying to evade capture, you do not want to look like your mugshot.  You want to change your appearance to not look like your mugshot.  The LAST THING YOU WANT TO DO IS SEND THE POLICE A BETTER MUGSHOT, THAT LOOKS MORE LIKE YOU!  That’s just more stupid, than it is vain.

Sending the police a more accurate mugshot when you are a fugitive?  Bad idea. Bad, bad, idea! (She was soon recaptured – imagine that!)    

News Item: Anthony Weiner Caught Tweeting His Wiener Again

Incredibly, former congressman Anthony Weiner tweeted his wiener to a gal pal in California. Weiner was first outed as a wiener tweeter in 2011.  I stated then, it is never acceptable to tweet your wiener.  The purpose of Twitter is not to tweet wieners.

Most disturbing, is that one of the wiener tweets showed Anthony on his bed, with his toddler son.  I guess he wanted to show the woman that not only did he have a nice wiener, but that the wiener was capable of producing offspring, if that was her desire.  Regardless, the photo captures a father-son bonding moment, which I’m sure they will cherish many years from now.

This tweet even protruded into the presidential race, since Weiner’s wife is an aide for one of the candidates. Concerns were raised that the tweeted wiener posed a national security risk if it fell into the wrong hands.  I’m sure the North Koreans were giddy with excitement when they hacked the tweet. “Look emperor, we have captured large, American, wiener!”  

I do understand that tweeting and texting your junk has become a somewhat common practice.  My friend Becki is on Internet dating sites and she says a common greeting is “Hi, my name is Phil and this is my friend “Dick”!”

Now I may be a bit hypocritical here.  If the Internet existed when I was 16, I probably would have tweeted my wiener to Sally McMurphy. 

To truly understand this practice, I decided to tweet my wiener (well, more like my lunch, see photo) to see what reaction I would get, with hopes it would go viral.  This is literally food porn at its finest!

Sadly, my wiener tweet was largely ignored which was a real blow to my male ego. However, Barsha, a woman from Bangladesh did comment “I am hungry for this”.  I wrote back “Hungry for my love, baby?” She replied “No, just hungry. The harvest was poor this year”.

Letting Anthony have a Twitter account after his past problems? Bad idea!

Tweeting your wiener again with your son in the photo and your wife in a high-profile position? Bad idea, extremely bad idea!

Let’s hope everyone makes better decisions the rest of this year!

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